Borderless wealth
management solutions.

Your T8 IBAN account* elevates your savings, lets you spend beyond borders, and keeps your money safe.


Keep your wealth in Euros to protect it from inflation in your home country and preserve it for future generations.


Our European IBAN account gives you access to international payments rails, including the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). Our low fees keep your money where it belongs – to you.


Your money is safe and sound with the Bank of Lithuania.

Simplify and diversify with our investment partners.

We know you’re ambitious. That’s why T8 have partnered up with our friends at Saxo1, Vinovest2, and Property Partner3 to supercharge your investment portfolio across global stocks, fine wine, and fractional property.

Stocks and shares

Access the global stock market. Our integrated Saxo investment portal in the T8 app makes it easy to get started.

Integrated access in the T8 app.

Fine wine

Get direct ownership of world-class wines. Vinovest authenticates, stores, and secures your wine. Drink in the benefits of an asset class that has outperformed global equities for 15 years.

Get 6 months free from management fees as a T8 customer.

Fractional property

Buy shares in properties across the UK with Property Partner†. You can choose your own properties to invest in or let the Property Partner team curate your portfolio.

Get up to 1.5% cashback on your investments for a year as a T8 customer. This service is not available for UK customers.

We'll handle the rest with T8 Concierge.

Our world-leading lifestyle partner^ lets you live the lifestyle to suit your wealthstyle. Get sold-out concert tickets, backstage passes, VIP treatment, luxury goods, executive travel and transport, and so much more with our sister app, T8 Concierge.