1. Cookies Definition & Purpose

The definition of Cookies is that they are small data fields stored on your computer or mobile phone after using our mobile application or website that collects the following user data:

  • Usage:
    • Activity
    • Duration
    • Frequency
    • Channel (ie – via Google/direct website visit)
    • Location

The purpose of Cookies are to:

  • Enhance your user experience from:
    • Recognizing you on subsequent mobile application or website visits
    • Remembering your mobile application or website preferences
  • Provide us insight on how to better serve your lifestyle and wealth management needs

2. T8 Wealth Specific Cookies

The T8 Wealth mobile application and website uses the following cookies:


Cookies that are activated on each T8 Wealth mobile application or website visit and stored on your device’s hard drive until you delete them.


Cookies that are only on your device while using the T8 mobile application or website


Cookies that are essential to the basic running and security of the T8 Wealth mobile application and website


Cookies that recognize you and remember your preferences on subsequent uses of the T8 Wealth mobile application or website


Cookies that track the bulleted user data per Section 1 above


Cookies that are otherwise known as Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA), which refers to either third parties or us offering you tailored advertisements based on your browsing history*

*Third party cookies are not controlled by us, so they may send their own cookies and advertisements and collect information on you. For more information on cookies and some relevant third parties’ privacy, cookie and opt-out policies, please refer to the following links:


Online Behavioural Advertising:




3. Cookies Management

Cookies can be turned on or off in your browser settings. Please see below some leading browsers’ cookies management guides:

Please note that turning off cookies could affect your user experience on our T8 Wealth mobile application or website.

4. Further Information

If you have any queries on our Cookies policy, please contact us at +44 (0) 7735 106969 or support@t8wealth.com.

Last Update: 14 January 2021