Complete RPI

We are proud to announce our partnership with Complete RPI, a one-stop property acquisition and management agency, providing T8 members who own, or are looking to own UK Investment grade property, with a unique Asset Managed approach. Complete RPI aims to maximise their clients’ return on capital invested, optimising rental income whilst carrying out ongoing strategic investment analysis. 

More often than not, the process of acquiring property overseas is difficult and expensive. With Complete RPI, it becomes straightforward and efficient. RPI Ltd was established in April 2001 to provide a very unique asset managed approach to the ownership of residential investment property in the UK predominantly, but not exclusively, for the overseas property investor. Together with their UK Head Office, they now have offices in both Hong Kong and Singapore providing personal points of contact for initial consultation and ongoing client support. 

Their continual focus is to provide first-class delivery of services to their clients, with emphasis firmly on establishing and maintaining long standing client relationships. With a UK nationwide reach, a loyal team and a sophisticated online client platform, Complete RPI continues to benchmark industry standards. So, get a free consultation with an asset manager today as a T8 member, and get the most out of your overseas journey! 

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