We are proud to announce our partnership with Zinguist. Founded in 2018, they aim to support successful movement across cultures and geographies with a new way to integrate through learning language. Whether for refugees or relocating employees, Zinguist’s methodology minimises the time required for anyone to break through and succeed in a new environment. 

Delivered via a course, app, and native speaker interactions, Zinguist makes language learning fun, intuitive and strategic. Building on 10 years of research into advanced listening and memory techniques, Zinguist provides the fastest measured way to learn languages. 

This is perfect for T8 members who are students or are looking to immigrate with the need to learn or improve on a language. Zinguist will take you from zero to conversational level in any language from anywhere in just 8 weeks. Not only will you have fun whilst learning, their unique memory and listening techniques transform your fluency and help you rediscover the linguistic capacity you had as a child. T8 members get a free introductory week and a 15% discount off any course price. 

Find out more on: https://www.zinguist.com