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Competitive exchange rate

Your T8 account will currently only accept deposits or transfers in Euros. You can then convert this Euro into GBP or HKD. Thus, you will be able to make transfers and payments from your account in Euro, GBP and HKD. Please note that Chinese Nationals can only transfer out up to CNY31,000 per day.

When you convert between currencies in your T8 account, we use the following exchange rates which are updated daily. The table below is based on our independent foreign exchange market data sources.

Pair Mid Upper Lower
EUR/HKD 8.00146 8.00147 8.00145
EUR/GBP 0.83420 0.83420 0.83420
GBP/HKD 9.59038 9.59049 9.59028

Exchange rates are based upon 1 EUR to each currency.

Transaction fees

Please see all our charges for transactions, memberships and other services:

Services Charge
Application Free
Internal Transfer Free
Refund Free
Closing Account Free
SEPA Incoming Free
SEPA Outgoing Free
SEPA Cancellation Free
SWIFT Incoming Free
SWIFT Outgoing € 5
SWIFT Cancellation Free
Monthly Membership € 8.99
Currency Conversion Up to 6% depending on amount and currency
Card Top-Up €0.25 Fixed Fee + 1.4% of Top-Up Amount (EU Residents Only) 2.9% of Top-Up Amount (Non-EU Residents Only)